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Although Govan is not a large town, we have three active churches.
This page just describes the history of our Churches, if you would like to submit information, feel free to do that by contacting us here.

The first settler’s church was built about five miles north of Govan in 1906, and was later incorporated into the Norwegian Lutheran Church under the same name of St. Olaf Menighed. The same church is still in use. A separation into two factions, the Free Lutherans and United Lutherans, came about among the Norwegian people. The United Lutherans later bought the old Methodist Church at Govan, so there are now two Norwegian churches in operation.
An exert from “The Norwegian Settlement in Govan”, 1929
Written by: Edward Sortberg

The first Catholic priest was Reverend M. J. Kasper, who arrived in June 1908. At this time services were only held once a month in farm homes in the summer and in the school in winter. In 1909 they congregation decided it was time to have a place of worship, each member had to donate $50.00 toward the construction of the church. On December 8, 1910 the first service was held. September 1, 1912 the church was blessed and dedicated.
Current Pastor: Father Francis & Father Plaparampil
Service Times: Check Church or Bulletin Board on Main St.

In 1937 the members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church who lived in the Govan and Semans district, desired to form their own congregation. Services were held in member’s homes, then they met for awhile in the Crerar home. Later they held services in St. Olaf’s Church. In 1941 the congregation decided to build a new church. In 1942 the corner stone was laid, at the time the pastor of the church was Rev. R. Mensch. The church was used for many years when the congregation thought it was time for a new church. The new church was built behind the old Prince of Peace. Later the old church was moved to Strasbourg, and the corner stone/time capsule was opened to reveal pictures and an old newspaper from they day the corner stone was laid. The Lutheran church sent three of its youth to Halifax Nova Scotia, to take part in “On This Rock”, a celebration of God, and a learning experience. The youths took a plane to Toronto, where they were taken to Sheridan College. From there they took part in a bus tour, which took them across Ontario, Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The youth were Meagan Macomber (Semans), Trevor Knaus (Govan), and Evan Hassman (Govan). They were gone for over a week, having left July 18, 1998 and arriving home July 27, 1998.
Current Pastor: Rey Dahlen
Service Times: Check Church or Bulletin Board on Main St.

Church Union was celebrated on June 25, 1925 with combined service conducted by Rev. Gillespie and Rev. Glover in the Methodist Church in which 25 joined the new denomination. The former Presbyterian Church was chosen for services because it was larger than the United and Methodist Church put together. The oak pews from the old Methodist Church were taken, and the Sunday school room. It was added to the north side of the church and used for smaller meetings. Members of the church volunteered their time to paint the interior of the church in October 1998. It took approximately 437 hours of volunteer time.

Current Pastor: Shirley Kamphrus
Service Times: Check Church or Bulletin Board on Main St.
Sunday school: Check Church or Bulletin Board on Main St.

The first Anglican services where held in the summer of 1907 by missionary clergy sent out from England. All of the services were held in private homes, local schools, any building that could be used. In February 1908 activities were held to raise money to build a proper church. In 1910 the construction of the church began. In 1911 the church was finally finished, and the first service took place. On March 26, 1911 Reverend A. and C. Calder held the first service. The church was dedicated by the Right Reverend Doctor Harding, Bishop of the Diocese of Qu’Appelle.